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J. Bannon "Year of the Hare: One-of-a-Kind" Silkscreened Print


J. Bannon
J. Bannon J. Bannon J. Bannon J. Bannon


A collaboration w/ Burlesque of North America. Taking inspiration from the chaotic nature of Fucked Up's "Year of the Hare" release on Deathwish. We printed my mixed media illustration in a high gloss black UV ink over one of a kind backgrounds. These kinetic backgrounds were created using test prints and factory seconds combined with floods of translucent & neon inks, spray bottles, splatters, dry-brushing, and other experimentation. This process made EVERY print 100% unique, pushing the limits of printmaking to a new level.

Dimensions: 24"X24"
Stock: Cold Press, 300 GSM
Edition: 400, signed

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