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J. Bannon "The Maidens Cried" Giclee Print


J. Bannon


"The Maidens Cried" mixed media piece was inspired by the story of the same name in "Weird Science" No. 10, released November 1st 1951 by EC Comics. My goal was to capture the alluring love of the "Butterfly Women" in the story. The human male figure in my piece is hypnotized by their beauty only to become host and be torn apart as food for these creatures. Originally made as part of the Mondo Gallery Show "It Didn't Rot Our Brains: A Tribute to EC Comics".

Dimensions: 24"X24"
Stock: Hahnemuehle, William Turner, 310 GSM
Edition: 50, signed, embossed
Artist Proof: 10, signed

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