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J. Bannon "The Boundless Black: Reaper" Limited Print


J. Bannon
J. Bannon J. Bannon


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"The Boundless Black: Reaper" is part of a mixed media illustration I created for the band Murmur. It was created using photography, gouache, and spray paint. Presented here in two sizes; a medium (24" X 24") and large 36" X 36"). and printed on an incredible 315 GSM Fineline Coarse Watercolor stock, signed, and embossed.  Each version and size is limited to 50 prints.

Dimensions: 24" X 24" and 36" X 36"
Stock: Fineline Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM
Edition: 50, signed (of each size), embossed
Artist Proof: 10, signed, embossed

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