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Recent & Upcoming Music/Visual Projects

Recent & Upcoming Music/Visual Projects
Prints out soon: 
J. Bannon "Dunedevil" Selected works
J. Bannon x BRLSQ "As Above So Below" Mixed Media Print
J. Bannon x BRLSQ "A Rumble Beneath" Mixed Media Print
J. Bannon "The Dream" Giclee Print (on special Moenkapi Washi Unryu Stock)
J. Bannon "Dracula" Giclee Print (Full Color and Hand Embellished Editions)

Books out now: 
J. Bannon "Dunedevil" 300 Page Art Book

Music out now:
Wear Your Wounds "Dunedevil" LP/Digital (companion to the "Dunedevil" art book)
Wear Your Wounds "Arthritic Heart" Flexi/Digital
Wear Your Wounds "WYW" 2XLP/CD/Digital

Recent visuals:
J. Bannon "Skull Study: Two" Giclee Print
J. Bannon x Branca Studio "WYW 1st Show Poster" Print
J. Bannon "Eric Church" Holdin My Own Tour Print
J. Bannon "In Place Apart" Silkscreened Print (5 new versions)
J. Bannon "No Heroes - Complete" Giclee Print SOLD OUT
Deathwish Website and Store 5.0
J. Bannon "Unloved & Weeded Out" (Hand Marbled Silkscreened Edition) SOLD OUT
Self Defense Family "Australia" 
Planes Mistaken For Stars "Prey" (Design & typography)
J. Bannon "Element Collection" Giclee Prints
Harm Wulf "Hijrah"
J. Bannon "Circle of Snakes" Giclee Print SOLD OUT
Converge x Neurosis "Mashup" Apparel & Print
Frameworks "Smother"
Nomad Stones "Self Titled"
Converge "You Fail Me: Redux"
Converge "Blood Moon" Live Visuals

Photo by Reid Haithcock

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